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How Would You Like Us To Boost Your Cash Flow?

We understand the importance of maximizing your cash flow and believe in providing powerful and effective management solutions.

Outsourced Billing Solutions

  • Billing And Collections
  • Benefit Verifications
  • Utilization Review Management

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In-House Billing Solutions

  • Setup In-House Billing Team And Processes
  • Existing In-House Billing Team Enhancement

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Personalized Billing Solutions

  • Fully Customizable Billing Solutions Based On Your Unique Situation

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We are not a billing service.

We are a Billing Management Company.

We can manage your billing functions for you at our location or we can lead your billing team at yours. Our focus is maximizing your cash flow. Our team is expertly trained and effectively managed to ensure your cash flow remains at its highest.

Proven Billing CEO Proud Facts Based on Tenure in Industry

Managed Billed Charges
Global Workforce
Satisfied Clients

Scott Delmarr

Entrepreneurial and accomplished Chief Executive, with several years of leading industry expertise in Revenue Cycle Management for Behavioral Healthcare providers.

Facilitator and builder of sophisticated Revenue Cycle Management teams in both on-shore and off-shore locations. Proven leadership and networking skills, building relevant and profitable partnerships with clients and service vendors in order to deliver exponential top and bottom-line growth. Possesses exceptional financial analytic capabilities, forecasting, P+L management, and budgeting skills.

Mr. Delmarr enjoys creating business strategies and overseeing the execution to ensure that the desired results are obtained. His staff is the most important component to successfully increasing his clients’ cash flow. As such, Mr. Delmarr devotes as much time needed to guarantee his staff’s professional development and to keep them motivated. Acquiring clients and retaining them is the driving factor of any service provider’s business. Mr. Delmarr ensures that his clients are being serviced with the highest quality and in full accordance with all terms of the service agreement. No promise will be un-kept.