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  1. Billing And Collections
  2. Benefit Verifications
  3. Utilization Review Management
  1. Billing And Collections

Claim Generation
  • Coding for both professional and institutional providers i.e. HCFA-1500 and UB04 Forms
  • Superior internal controls and processes to eliminate errors in data entry
  • Customized claim scrubbing software that ensures the industry’s fastest turn-around time for generating clean claims
  • Front-end auditing to ensure only reimbursable claims are generated
  • Generation of claims for secondary and tertiary insurance carriers
Electronic Claim Submission
  • Clean claims submitted electronically to ensure the fastest possible payment turnaround time
  • Real-time claim submission payer acceptance confirmations
  • Immediate correction of all electronic claims rejected by clearinghouse and payers
Claims Management
  • All billed claims are called on a consistent set call cycle
  • Effective and aggressive denial management system to get denied claims resolved
  • Fee negotiations for the highest possible rate with 3rd party pricers utilized by commercial payers
  • Assistance and execution of Single-Case rate negotiations for the highest possible reimbursement on services rendered
  • Our staff strives to get claims processed for payment within a 30 day period
  1. Benefit Verifications

  • Proprietary process for accurate representation of each potential client’s benefits
  • Reliable reporting on patient responsibilities, pre-certification and policy limitations and/or exclusions
  • Redundant benefit verifications process to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Free comparative verification of benefits stated between the insurance representative on the phone and online resources
  • Reporting on usual and customary rates per plan to assist with anticipated reimbursements per client
  • Training on how to interpret benefits effectively
  • Training for your admission staff on how to easily identify key benefit items to assist in admission decisions
Completion Time
  • 60 minutes or less completion time for each benefit verification
  1. Utilization Review Management

  • A highly credentialed staff that are trained to understand payer requirements for all types of authorizations
  • Maximized length of stay for each level of care you provide
  • Ensuring each authorization obtained is what your clients deserve and not what the insurance companies think they should get
  • Successful peer-to-peer reviews
  • Clinical chart reviews
  • Preparation of all levels of clinical appeals needed by payers